Unilever factory trip unveils aspiring young leaders

Group Human Capital recently organised a factory visit to Unilever, for the children of ESAG employees recently. The youngsters from ages ranging between 12 to 17 years, embarked on a journey of discovery and learning.

The trip aimed to actively engage the children, offering them a firsthand understanding of the operations. Through immersive experiences, the outing also inspired young minds and nudged them to craft plans to achieve their career aspirations.

Post the trip, the visitors were tasked with reflecting on their experiences and communicating how it influenced their plans. The presentations by the children not only showcased newfound knowledge but also revealed ambitious dreams and aspirations.

The winners were Maria Selma Pradnyaparahita (Daughter of Denis Evitanto, Sr. Consultant – Projects, Group Information Technology) and Fathima Rizana (Daughter of Mariyam Muhammed Asraf, Regulatory Affairs Executive, LifeScience and Healthcare, Scientechnic) who were presented certificates by ESAG Group CEO. This factory trip not only enlightened young minds but also provided a glimpse of potential future leaders within the wider ESAG family.